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Welcome to my Portfolio!

My name is Laura Scarpa and I have just graduated, earning a bachelor degree in e-business/digital marketing at the University of Annecy (France). I have created this portfolio to show in more details my professional and personal realisations. I have learned so much about digital marketing through my special training (studies and work at the same time) and also on my own, using many different softwares.
I am currently an au pair in the UK, which allows me to develop my english skills. I also dedicate this year to practise my professional skills by creating supports like websites, banners on Photoshop and visuals for social media. This year is full of challenges and opportunities: it makes me learn a lot about myself and allows me to develop my creativity as well.
Being very motivated to learn new skills and knowledge, I am currently a social media volunteer for a local museum near London.
Through this portfolio, I show you my skills in Webdesign, which doesn't stop me to stay open for others positions like E-marketer, Communication assistant, Community manager...
I am looking for a new professional challenge in the digital marketing field, abroad or in France. I am also open to a trainee position to carry along my master degree and develop my knowledge and skills.

Enjoy your visit!


What I can do for you

Web Design

The website ergonomy is the first thing that catches the eye of visitors. A website must be intuitive for users and reflect the brand image. A well-thought website necessarily increases the sale conversion and optimize the bounce rate. While I conceive a website, whether in html/css or with a CMS, I always create a wireframe on Photoshop beforehand. This wireframe makes the work much easier as it gives a full view of what the website can become. Moreover, if the website is suggested to a company, the wireframe allows to review different points, especially in relation to the brand image.

Social Media

Social networks play an important role in the digital marketing strategy, especially since the influence of traditional marketing, like television advertising, is decreasing. The competition inside these networks is high and users are versatiles. That's why we have to focus on an affective and personalised marketing to reach our target: influencers, story-telling... Indeed, users are very sensible to an affective marketing as they can project themselves as customers. Using influencers is very efficient if they don't hav any direct obvious link with the company and give their "honest" customers feedback.

Digital Marketing Strategy

I have always had a strong interest in the digital marketing due to its analytical and creative essence. The environment analysis and the creation of strategies to implement innovative, impactful solutions, are tasks I thrive in. This first step of analysis is crucial to provide solid and realistic strategies. Knowing your audience and target is also a key factor into implementing a strategy. That's why I use Google Analytics to understand customers behaviours and improve the conversion rate. I also create personas to get a deeper understanding of who is the target and then give strong communication plan.


View some of my recent work
Web design/development

Factice Websites

I created two factice websites with html and css languages to practise programming. The first one, for which I chose a chocolate theme, is a project that I conceived last year for my programming course. I decided to integrate all kinds of supports: pictures, videos and I also integrated a carousel. The idea was to reflect a good quality image, with a touch of humour.
The second one is a showcase website about my wool creations. I have thought that it would be a good practice and way to promote my creations. To explore my websites, you can click on the links below

Website 1-Chic&Choc
Website 2-Petite Laine Website 1-Chic&Choc
Website 2-Petite Laine
Social Media Pictures

Gallery of pictures

As an intern/trainee (work and studies) last year in a fashion company, I was in charge of the communication. As it was a small business, it was very important for us to use social networks as a principal mean of communication. Thus, I realised several visuals for events and daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I was also writing posts, following a planning that I created beforehand in order to follow the company agenda.
I have always been passionnate by photography, which is why Instagram is my favourite social network medium. Stunning pictures always catch more the eye of users on this social network, even more so in the fashion industry. You can find several of the pictures I took for this company in the pictures gallery (Click on "View details")

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Banners and visuals

Creations for my last company

The website of my last company, using the Magento interface, had a main "Slider control" as well as three little banners. I was in charge of changing the banners regularly to keep the website up to date. While respecting the graphic charter (pink color) and the company spirit, I created many banners relating the company news and key dates. Also, I wrote several newsletters for events such as Christmas, Sales, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. I used the Sarbacane software in doing so, a very intuitive software to use.
For my end or year school project, I provided a website redesign to my company: I created a model integrating call-to-action buttons in order to increase the sale conversion. I also opted for a more refined and sleeck design and make the navigation much more pleasant. The Instagram account is hightlighted in blog form to see real products pictures. You can access to these visuals, banners, newsletters and the model realised for my project by clicking on "View details".

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Work Experience

Past and current jobs
  • British School Museum

    I am currently in charge of the social media strategy for a local school museum in Hitchin, near London. First, I have analyzed every statistics on the different company social media to know exactly what is working and what can be improved.
    Then, from this analysis, I could build a new strategy and show the others volunteers what posts we can create in order to interact with the community and increase the number of the visitors, especially the young people who are not many to visit the museum.
    With the marketing volunteer team, we are looking for new ideas, innovatives for the museum communication and thus bring a refresh image.

  • Au pair in the UK

    I am currently employed in a host family near Cambridge, where I am learning English.
    This year is full of opportunities and is opening new horizon and understanding about the country culture.
    I have plenty of free time, so I can develop my digital marketing skills, creating websites, thus developing my programing skills and conceiving visuals on Photoshop.
    I am also a social media volunteer in a local museum near London where I am in charge of the digital strategy.
    Prior to this position, I was a volunteer in a charity shop to develop my professional English and help the community.

  • Les Trésors de Lily

    I was in charge of the company social media. I posted content on all main platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) increasing traffic on these platforms and on the main website, boosting sales. 
    SEA: I created enhanced ad campaigns using specific keywords after extensively analysing SEA and Google Adwords.
    I also used Photoshop to create visuals for the company website and for other institutional communication of the company (flyers for events, visuals for sales...)
    I was responsible of the newsletter's content and layout using Sarbacane software.
    I also decided to work on the logistics side of the company, preparing orders and analysing orders to understand what type of products was the most popular and reflect on our communication with customers.
    I used Google Analytics to analyse the performance of the company, suggesting appropriate solutions such as promotional event, new advertising campaigns etc

  • Orange

    I was in charge of customers contacting our call centre, successfully managing their request/ problems while reassessing and renewing their contract.
    I was on individual and collective monthly performance review, always reaching my target and I was even top performer of the month on several occasions.
    I created a digital tool to help the sales consultants performing better while on call with clients and therefore boost sales.
    I organised several tailor-made internal events, to reinforce internal communication, team spirit as well as boosting sales


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